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French Baby Grand Piano by Gaveau of Paris. A bit over the top for your living room but is truly a work of art

Chickering, 1862, Boston. In 1840, Jonas Chickering patented his design for the first full cast iron frame to withstand the tension of the strings of a grand piano. Variants of this pattern were eventually adopted by piano manufacturers everywhere; all modern grand pianos are reinforced by cast frames. The decoration of the 1862 Chickering piano in the Frederick Collection, an eight-foot five-inch concert grand with a single-piece cast frame, is comparatively modest – although not so austere…

An art case, 1886, Steinway Model B grand piano with a gold case at Besbrode Pianos. Cabinet features hand paintings of cherubs and rural scenes of people playing musical instruments. Piano has ornately carved gate legs with four, ornately carved Corinthian pillars. Music desk has a beautiful scrolling filligree design with a central hand painted plaque.