sock bun curl tutorial

Sock Bun Curls


sock bun video. very good.

How to correctly roll your hair

No heat curls! Braid three socks together and wrap your hair around the sock braid while damp. Add hairspray or spray gel. Leave socks in overnight. Wake up and take out the socks. :) Boom curly hair!

Beauty, Hair <3

Easy Heatless Curls / Waves! worth a try

The best product to contour, bronze & highlight cheeks - all in one! - @Megan Lenahan

Sock Bun

5 minute no heat curls - it really works!

Pretty bun

Naturally Curly Hair Tutorial

sock bun

The Donut Bun TUTORIAL. It's got a twist to the bun

I use these on my hair! They are awesome and I recommend them to anyone looking for a no heat curl look!

No heat curls #Hairstyles

DIY Curls