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    Creatures by Simon #3d character #3d char|

    PFDF 2012 by takuya's home, via Flickr great alien face for alien fairy

    Aliens Concept Art - Guardians of the Galaxy - Imgur

    Synthetic Octopus by Trevor

    Echidna was called the mother of all monsters, but really she was only the mother of about six of them: the dragon that guarded the Golden Apples of Hesperos, the Hydra, the Chimaera, Orthus (a hell-dog), and Cerberus, the Crommyonian Sow, the Caucasus Eagle (that's the one that kept eating Prometheus' liver every day), and by her son Orthus she mothered the Sphinx (see below) and the Nemean Lion. By Virginie Ropars

    Infiltration unit

    700_max.jpg (580×1200)


    Forever Burning Heart by apterus

    Angel of Death from 'Hellboy II' by Spectral Motion. Museum at Monsterpalooza, 2012.

    Creature Sculptures by Chris Ryniak

    Lee Boyd

    Sounding the Furnace by Greg Brotherton

    Capirote by Ted Beargeon, via Behance

    P.Y.R.E Helmet by ~JSMarantz

    Marcus Dublin Online Portfolio

    Must-See Concept Art by Dan LuVisi

    5 Daniel Conway. Daniel is a 23 year old lad who is currently living in the UK. He has spent 3 years studying both traditional art and digital animation. Currently however, he has been teaching himself the art of digital painting. His self teaching has certainly paid off, because his portfolio is truly amazing.

    Concept art for Diablo 3: The Shaman

    Floral Leg for The Alternative Limb Project

    Alien Design.