extreme walking… lime green shoes crazy heels

Rectangle shoes by Maria Nina Vaclavek

Safa Şahin ”White Swan”

Statement heel

I think they are designing a shoe that will make women fall or become cripples!

The absolute love of my life. I've wanted those ever since that show... in 2008 it seems. I always thought, one day, when I have enough money from my own collections, I'll buy these ones. And if they don't exist anymore, I'll have them fabricated! I miss Galliano working for Dior.

crazy cross heels.

shoes-tangible- i value shoes because with out them i would either be walking around with socks on or going bearfooted and it pretects my feet from glass and rocks.


mop the floor and walk at the same time!!! weird shoes

chanel heels with bows clear and black

I wouldn't even try wearing these but they are cute...



'Oh yes, these look comfy', said no one ever!! Iris Van Herpen SS15, outrageous! (what was Iris thinking?!?!?)


Crazy shoes!


what a shoe!

Crazy shoes.

My wedding shoes for sure!!! ;P