love this

why must my ear lobes be so small

cartilage piercing

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30 Cute and Different Ear Piercings - Sortrature |


Opal birthstone....i am thinking of doing some more piercings this yr....

vintage rings

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possibly? :o


How cute are these piercings?


LOVE. Subtle and pretty.. from far away, her ears look bare. Makes me feel better about wanting multiple piercings as a "grown-up." I want her little inner earring for my double lower cartilage piercing!


so cute

If you’re looking for unique jewelry then look no further. Crafted out of the highest quality 316L Surgical Steel this earring features two separate pieces that combine to add a triple gem effect. A gemmed barbell and an adjustable claw keeps the earring in place on your lobe or cartilage, the metallic base hides behind the ear allowing just the cute gems to peek over. #fashionhutjewelry

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