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"If children live with ." ~Children Learn What they Live~ poem by Dorothy Law Nolte


this is to my beautiful daughter Hannah. couldn't have said it better. she is my precious daughter, my fun fun friend, my rock many times, my role model most of all. I love you daughter.

My son

I've got to include my "son shine", Judah! I love him so much and pray he becomes a man of respect & integrity, who loves the Lord first & his family! by leona

Pinteresting: Golden Rules for Living

Golden Rules for Living. Could change this a little bit as house rules for kids

Day 14 seems like it'd be the most challenging. Not sure how we would go about that. Love these though and try to make them regular.

2 week parent challenge: Be the best parent you can. Try using these parent challenges to reconnect.


There are struggles and sacrifices that come along with being a mom, but all this and more makes it so worth it! There is never a dull moment. my son and husband bring so much laughter and joy into my life.

Daughter quote

Lol I love my mom she my mom by chance and my best friend by choice. I will always let her into my life my feelings and love even if she's my stalker I love you tons mom you are amazing! I love you!

11 Ways To Raise A Grateful Child (or, instill missing components in an adult) ...

Musing Momma: 11 Ways To Raise A Grateful Child. So, just how do parents raise grateful children? Here are 11 ways to raise a grateful child.