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for the days you need a little extra encouragement to love your job

Britni Churnside Jessup Page and Katie Hrubec Wilson Bahaha Ryan gosling should tell us this. It would validate our entire reason for graduate school.

Oh my this is my new favorite place to go and find out what a great job I'm doing as a teacher.

Hey Girl, I really appreciate how flexible and patient you are when scheduling parent-teacher conferences. Twenty five meetings in two days, I don't know how you do it. #HeyGirl #Teacher

also story of my life. i swear my kids must think i am deaf bc im a pro at not engaging when needed

HeyGirlTeacher can make even the hardest days better. I wanna make word bubbles to hold in front of my husbands face...

Buwahaha The my special ed co-teacher and I spent 30 min today making a seating chart. For reals! :)

Blooms taxonomy! Hello Literacy: Marzano~I need to post this so I ask the write questions!

Bloom's Taxonomy Classroom Posters "not just posters, but conversations" that are anchors for the learning and thinking work.

bloom's taxonomy never looked so pretty