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no more fun and games! back to school...

Rolling in the deep: Rock critic Ellen Willis put the pop in culture — "Out of the Vinyl Deeps" collects her seminal essays

Oh figurative language humor. I need to use a bleach pen and put this on a shirt or book bag

I tried to explain the meaning of the word hyperbole to someone once with an example of "you look really sexy in those pants." They didn't appreciate my comment once they realized the meaning of the word.

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Studying for your final exams? Take a look at these study tips from Texas A&M's Academic Success Center to BTHO finals this semester! ✿ Self Study / eLearning / Learning Languages / Learning techniques / Learning Tips / Spanish Language ✿ Pin for later!

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"Stop talking about writing. Stop reading about writing. Stop dreaming about writing. The thing that defines a writer is that the writer writes." Quote from Chuck Wendig

Have you read these yet? The 2015 Newbery winner & honor books!!!

2015 Newbery and Caldecott Winners

"I've never let schooling interfere with my education." - Mark Twait #leadership #quotes #motivation

When Shawn Murphy and I launched Switch and Shift, we knew the bulk of our constituency would be business leaders – which it is, undoubtedly. However, what we didn’t consider was how this site would also serve as a resource for so many non-busi [.

The first part of your novel is the Setup. It has 5 missions. The first is setting a killer hook, giving the reader something so compelling they don’t even consider not reading your book. The Setup makes up the first 25% of your novel. It takes that long to meet the 5 missions. Shortchange your readers in the Setup and you’ll struggle to create empathy for your characters. Without that emotional connection the stakes fall flat. Besides the Hook, the Setup has 4 more missions: Introduce a…

of only 9 sentences you need to define your entire novel. The first part of your novel is the Setup. It has 5 missions. Four of them will be covered in tomorrow's post, but the first is so impor.

Remember these books from high school? Read them again! Some you might not have read

10 Books From High School You Must Read Again

I've read three of these. Gonna have to add the other seven to my to-read list


Photo (A Conversation On Cool.)

notice that the sign says "nice People" and "good country music".today it should read "a bunch of rednecks getting down to commericalized pop that record producers and executives pass off as country music! Damn I miss real Country Music!