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    Whatcha doin'?

    "Hello, how can I help you today?"

    Every bath you take, every snack you bake, every move you make, I'll be watching you.

    Simba, The Feline King...

    Baby's got blue eyes...

    "I see you in there. Get up off the sofa and let me in."

    "See it? Do you see it? There's a big fly right there!"

    I pledge allegiance to the flag...


    Gimme dat...


    Keep them out of bright light, DON'T get them wet...

    She needed someone to dry off on after her bath.

    Iz hidin'...

    This. This is what I want for dinner.

    Don't forget to come back in time to feed me.

    Cat? What cat?


    High Five!

    "At last! The red dot is mine."

    Look into my eyes...

    Abyssinian beans...

    My hooman needs this.

    Floofy jellybeans!

    Creep Cat