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Curling a synthetic wig using boiled water is the safest method; as it does not melt down or fuse the plastic fibers. Generally, this method is used when you don't want your wig to keep the desired style for long. Buy this beautiful wig here:

To find out if your synthetic wig is compatible with chlorine or salt water, read the article below. Buy wigs:

The wig has straight tresses that grows into bunch-y onion rings towards the tips. Buy here:

Aoba cosplay wig is perfectly styles and cut. The wig literally does not require any styling tools as it is already what you are paying for. Buy here:

Don’t damage the beauty of original hair by repeatedly dying them- Try synthetic hair wigs to introduce a vivid change in your persona. Choose one that suits you the best :)

Akuma No Riddle-Ichinose cosplay wig boasts twin tails that can be separated if you wish to wear only the wig base. The wig is pink-mixed with rough fibers that prevent the fake plastic shine. Buy here:

The wig is soft and has a shredded short layered style that give the wig its sexy flattering bounce! Buy here:

It is also made out of a fine material that enables heat resistance,so styling won't be a problem,if you need to straighten or curl some bits of it! Buy now:

Most of the Miku’s wigs will come with long ponytails, which you can so easily attach to the main wig, due to their hairclip. You might think that ponytails will end up pretty heavy on the head, but this was not the case, they end up to be easily manageable, reaching my knees length and being very soft, you could easily braid or even curl the ponytails. Buy:

Naraku black cosplay wig is made up of 100% heat-resistant fibers. It is heavy, boasts sumptuous sexy curls & is good at holding the shape & bounce. These curls can be slightly loosen by brushing but luckily the wig won't lose the shape & style unless you straighten it using a flat iron. Buy here: