Christmas Handprint cards.

Handprint Santa christmas card (sully's handprint)

christmas cards... ornaments...

hand & foot reindeer- #christmas #kidscrafts

Handprint and Footprint Arts & Crafts: My Top 10 Favorite Christmas Crafts made with hands & feet from around the Web

Kid fingerprints Christmas card

Christmas Handprint Art for Children

Cute little craft! Be sure and put a date (somewhere near the footprint).

Different way to do the Santa handprint from Amy Hershey's Pinterest collection. :) ---Christmas handprint - your adult children will still look for their childhood handprints!

Christmas Craft - Santa and Reindeer

I LOVE these Handprint Art Santa Jars! What a cute way to preserve those tiny handprints! Talk about an easy (and totally adorable) Christmas craft for kids. |

Ohh .. christmas cards!

looks like addi will be making her christmas cards this year!

Elf fingerprint card. I did it on an ornament. I had each of my girls choose a color for their tummies. Super cute. I added the same color ball to their hat and small dot at top of shoes (like a pom pom) as their tummy.

Handprint/Footprint Christmas plate

Snowman handprint Christmas art

Because I NEVER plan on wasting money on a card from Silas again! Means SO much more for him to make his own (until he's old enough to but his own cards for people, lol)