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This is exactly how I feel. I know so many "story tellers" it isn't funny! But I never call them out on their bullshit, because I think the stories are just to humorous not to hear! Lmao!

Chuck's Fun Page 2: E-card humorbwahahaha!! i can think of a couple of people that need this ecard @Megan Parker

The right man will love you unconditionally, will be loyal, and will always be happy to see you. Oh wait. That's my dog. My dog does that.

from Thug Life Shirts

Wooden Spoon Survivor

I will wear this on those days that I want to bite anyone's head off if they talk to me and draw and quarter them if they touch me. Those are not good days. And the people around me need a warning. For example, this shirt.

Yup...Keep on sending those texts ...I'll keep on laughing and deleting...I wouldn't answer you for a million bucks....SO give up & find someone else to torture

from Frankly Noted

Funny Ceramic Tea & Coffee Mug - Coffee Helps Me Be Less Britney 2007

My alarm literally says if Britney could survive 2007, then you can make it through today. I need this to complete my morning!