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Positive Discipline: Ask CURIOSITY QUESTIONS ......instead of demanding or forcing them to do something. Help them think

A Positive Discipline Tool Card One of the biggest mistakes some parents and teachers make, when they decide to do Positive Discipline, is becoming too permissive because they don’t want to be punitive. Some mistakenly believe they are being kind when they rescue their children, and protect them from all disappointment. This is not being kind; it is being permissive. Being kind means to be respectful of the child and of yourself. It is not respectful to pamper children.

Distract and Redirect: "When we understand that perceiving, interpreting, and comprehending an event are so markedly different for young children, our expectations as adults alter. The meaning children attach to their experiences does not match the meaning adults attach to the same experiences."

Take time for training--From Positive Discipline. I love this and it is sooo hard sometimes as a parent not to want to "help" and its even harder to see that sometimes what we view as helping is actually hurting in the long run...

I'm not to sure about this as a child's time out...perhaps before the need for a timeout...or when u see another child having a melt down. Though I do agree in directing and teaching kids this is how to give yourself a time out...but don't know that it would work in this age group. ....been there done more. Original pin"Love this, because time out never works!"

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