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Pantry Levkonoi

George Henry Boughton ~ Gathering Firewood In Winter

Egon Schiele. Segelschiffe im wellenbewegtem Wasser. 1907

~ “First Steps” Baby Crow Testing The Winter Snow~ Vintage1930s Crow Book Plate by MouseTrapVintage

The Purple Stocking, James Jebusa Shannon

Jamie Heiden ~ The Bleakness Of Winter

The Thick Of Winter~ Jamie Heiden

Birdsong Peanut Co. Painted Silo by The Suss-Man (Mike)

Anton Mauve - Riders in the Snow~ The wife of this Dutch artist was related to Van Gogh's mother. When taking his first steps into the art world, Vincent worshipped Mauve.

“queen of the night” by marjorie miller

The American Girl~ Vintage Magazine Cover.

Leonid Afremov

Thomas W. Schaller

Evening Snow at Edo River 1932 woodblock print by Hasui Kawase

The kolam, or "rangoli" is a traditional mandala, a geometric pattern, that women design in front of their houses during festivities. In Tamil culture is a strong form of expression by the women, who express their feelings in this secret way.

Edmond Aman-Jean (1858 -1936), “The girl with the peacock”

Patrick Bremer

Harry George Theaker by hauk sven, via Flickr

Beetroot Study