hilary pfeifer have students draw a "miro" like still life? Or images fromscience and then could make pieces from clay?


Children paint plexiglass and make an outdoor exhibit for them to walk through. Viachroma by Rowena Martinich: Pedestrians are enveloped in colored lights and shadows as sunlight passes throught at different times of day.

Tiles imprinted with pasta

I WANT THIS!!!! Thumbprint portraits use your child’s own thumbprint to create a large (three feet high!), colorful work of art that he or she will absolutely love. www.etsy.com/...

Very Miro - Kandinsky - Calderish ! ... LOVELY.

Love this!!!! Miro paintings inspire these figures. We bend wire into Miro-like forms, wrap them with old newspapers, glue strips and plaster. Finally we paint our figures in Miro's manner.


You may think that these were small pieces of art...nope just bacteria in petri dishes.

enlarged still life

collage still life

Ceramic Slab project, student work. Love!!

the macro world - students choose a cross-section of a plant to enlarge - focusing on an interesting negative/positive shape design- image inspiration: jan hendrix

Clay Opera Ceramics Owl rest spoon


| http://pinterest.com/toddrsmith/boards/ | - Jurga sculpteur | La Terre DOr - [ #S0FT ]

get students to draw planes of the face over magazine images yr 9-10

Easy Kids art project- Make Calder-Inspired paper sculptures

Each student has to create a cube with different body parts on it and then we stack them in various ways.

"I like the idea of having the students first create a word.. Then telling them to draw it"

Clay Pencil Holders