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hilary pfeifer have students draw a "miro" like still life? Or images fromscience and then could make pieces from clay?

Children paint plexiglass and make an outdoor exhibit for them to walk through. Viachroma by Rowena Martinich: Pedestrians are enveloped in colored lights and shadows as sunlight passes throught at different times of day.

I WANT THIS!!!! Thumbprint portraits use your child’s own thumbprint to create a large (three feet high!), colorful work of art that he or she will absolutely love.

the macro world - students choose a cross-section of a plant to enlarge - focusing on an interesting negative/positive shape design- image inspiration: jan hendrix

picasso face project for little ones

Mark Oliver has created a series of insects called “LitterBugs” brought to life entirely from trash; a species developed to adapt to the harsh, changing urban landscape. They are part of an invented genus, affectionately categorized in a document known as the “compendium of carabid and terrestrial detritus” – each one having been given their own title and scientific name, some based off the found objects from which they are built.

couple good ideas here, make clay sculpture for vase, or pincushion with felted inside

JobMobfrom JobMob

22 Amazing Sticky Notes Works of Art for Your Wall

I have more than enough "extra" marker caps. Maybe this would be a fun wall piece in the art room?

Ceramics 1 Joining 2 pieces of clay Great explanation how & why it must be done correctly.