if this turns out to be fake, I will die.

This man.

That's awesome.

Epic! MIND BLOWN! This is so much like the book that it is ridiculous! RIDICULOUS, I SAY! But seriously...he's like a fine wine..he gets better with age!

batman will always be my #1 superhero :)

How Creepy Is This Image of Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson's Jokers Together?

Beetle Juice Beetle Juice Beetle Juice!!!!

Visual effect artists make the difference… (Though some of these movies would make awsome comedy without the special effects. ;P)

gets me every time

maybe getting up for school won't be so hard with this Batman alarm clock #lego #legomovie

#scroll experiment #moonwalk DO ET!

Every time I look at it I find a new classy thing I missed the first time.

When you're Batman it doesn't matter who's there. How I will anser all knock knock jokes the first time, from now on.

I believe in heroes, but the villain really makes the story. Even the ones that do it for the lolz. <-- This comment!


Batman and Ironman

the reason why John Rhys Davies' scale/stunt double has the tattoo and not him is because he spent very little time with the other members of the fellowship. He rarely shot any scenes with them and after a day of shooting he couldn't be on set for another 2-3 because of allergies to the prosthetics. This is for you Natalie Sena ;)

effin love bones!!

Love these Dark Knight publicity stills. Not just because of the movie, but because they don't appear to be put through Photoshop, rather they're the photographs as taken.

And that is how you use double negatives.