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The final #MadMen wine count (TEAR). Two last glasses in the finale! Here's the total tally!

All about Ken Cosgrove's 1953 wine - here's his rise and fall as King Grapefriend

crazy handy Metrokane glasses come in. You put them in the freezer beforehand and an inner layer freezes inside the glass, keeping your whiskey cold for a while. If you’re someone who likes their whiskey neat, this also won’t dilute your drink with melting ice cubes. Last, they look super cool all frosty. ($19.95 for two here)

I don’t know why Olivia Pope’s wine glass has sold out everywhere but Don’s silver-rimmed tumblers haven’t. So mod and chic! ($24 for two here)

Harry asks if they should order wine. “I already did!” Megan says. Of course she did, who does Harry think he’s dealing with? #MadMen

Can’t tell at all what the bottle is, but Riesling is traditionally in a brown bottle so it may have been that.

Megan’s mother and sister are clearly big grapefriends, too, with some fun plans for dinner. #MadMen

Megan’s mother and sister are clearly big grapefriends, too, with some fun plans for dinner. #MadMen

Looks like the label says Sauvignon Blanc. There was quite a bit of Sauvignon Blanc being poorly made in the early 70s, and it got a reputation for being pretty insipid. Robert Mondavi actually changed the name to Fume Blanc to make it sound fancier (and as marketing sometimes does, it worked!)

It's 1970 on #MadMen so we got Megan drinking from a big ol' Almaden jug! Here's what other wine they drank (Sauternes! Riesling! Champagne!) last night.

Megan Draper, the show's true grapefriend.

Sunny deck hang calls for some nice Pinot Blanc, right Megan Draper?

Looked like Don had his usual whiskey and Pete got some complimentary Champers on the plane.

Megan Draper swills some red wine on the way back to LA.

Pete Campbell is becoming quite the little grapefriend.

Lots of wine in the past 2 #MadMen episodes - including one of the greatest wine moments ever!

Anyone wanna take a crack at what Pete and Bonnie were drinking on Mad Men?

Pete and Bonnie for the wine - and the wine! We've got our first actual sip last night. Here's what they could've been drinking.

On Mad Men, Megan made coq au vin which is chicken made with red wine, which was probably Pinot Noir.

“Can I get a splash of whiskey in this?” #MadMen

Last night's Mad Men: Joan’s inner monologue when this guy ordered a Coke: “Coke?????????????? Coke?????????????????? Coke?????????????”

On Mad Men, Megan's agent ordered some “French Champagne” but all Champagne is French. If it’s not from the region of Champagne, it’s just sparkling wine.

Some great grapey moments this season on Mad Men!

This is how I feel when no one drinks wine on Mad Men: waaah gif #wine #madmen