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  • Margo Emily

    Severus Snape: More complicated than the entire Twilight Saga put together. [Harry Potter]

  • Megan Jouett

    I <3 the Twilight books, but this is true lol

  • Kris John

    I don't usually repin things that compare the two movies, but I love Snape and this is definitely true.

  • Susan House

    Severus Snape: More complicated than the entire Twilight series put together.

  • Nerdypins

    Cool! - hahaha | CHECK OUT MORE Nerdy INSPIRATIONS AT | #Nerdy #Nerdlife #Geek #Geeky #Geeklife

  • Fleeing Pumpkin

    Its funny cause its true.

  • Anna Sinclair

    Severus Snape, Harry Potter So true!

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they don't transform voluntarily. If you paid attention in the movies or maybe READ THE BOOK, you'd know they don't do that voluntarily.

  • Rainbow Dynasty (FARSQUAAD)

    Ba-bam. Take that, twilight

  • Tasha Scruggs

    They can do it voluntarily. Jacob continuously changes at will. But they do address it in the books that Jacob is more like a shifter. Though their tribe only shifts into a wolf

"Severus Snape Wakes Up" | I support Lily/James over Lily/Severus, but I like to think this was Snape's heaven.

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Snape had his reasons…

  • Wael Hamze

    Personally, my parents were raised by the old school was very common for them to be brutally honest. I cant tell you how many times I was called fat growing up by older member of the family, even though I was only a little chubby around the face. Or even something like "Your hair could use a trim. Its very stringy." I also once had a teacher who failed everyone who didnt put in enough effort and could do better. Like he threw out our papers in front of us and said they were garbage. So I guess I dont see "bully". I see tough, rough around the edges.....and sure, not polite or even very nice....but not a bully. -Catharine

  • Karli Woodbury

    I guess I see it as bullying because he targeted Harry. He left Draco and his friends alone which is where I draw the line between tough and bully.

  • Wael Hamze

    Because Draco is slime and you dont waste your time on slime lol! Anyway, we can agree to disagree on this :) -Catharine

  • Karli Woodbury

    Haha. Yes. We definitely can. Thank you for explaining so politely. It was interesting to understand your point of view. :)

  • Wael Hamze

    And you, yours! :) -Catharine

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First and last lines about Snape.

This is beautiful.

This is sooo funny... Although twilight is a really good movie it does not come close to Harry potter

Just got back from the midnight premiere and I'm feeling a lot of #Snape love right about now!

Seriously!! Twilight “werewolves” are not werewolves! Thank you, Snape.

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Snape. (Wonder how much grief he got from the younger actors for this part of his wardrobe?) :)