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Kaleidoscope. We just bought one like this at a thrift store. Brought back memories.

Jacks - my mom played "jacks" and taught me how to play... in the Fifties. That and Tiddly Winks.

Loved this game. I figured out the answer ... and then was disappointed that it wasn't as fun anymore! :/

I watched this so much , my mother had to buy a new VHS copy because the TAPE snapped.

I think this scared me every time the timer went off

35 Things You Will Never See Again.. even though you can find some

Oh my wobbly chime ball! How I still long to bash you open and see what makes that delightful sound!

Tickle Deodorant - I used to love seeing this on the shelves at the store. I always thought I'd buy it when I was old enough.

LOVED this did my hair stylist. She (and other girls in the shop) couldn't believe this was the shampoo (with matching conditioner) I used. It kept my fine, flyaway hair from being frizzy without weighing it down...and it made your hair really SHINE! Salon gals couldn't believe it because this shampoo was considered "cheap."

Tame Creme Rinse -- Creme rinse used to help get the tangles out of your hair. For some reason, they stopped making it and now my hair is always a tangled mess when trying to comb in after I get out of the shower. :(