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  • Jen Black

    I doooo thissss!!!! but dont trust the masking tape... packing it is!

  • Carla Pennington

    I relate! My most shameful "Holy shit, that's a HUGE, life-threatening bug" moment was when I was stepped into the shower and noticed a huge, tarantula-ish spider inches away. Nearly ripped the shower curtain and curtain rod out of the wall, raced out of the bath, slammed the door, threw on clothes, called maintenance & said I had a serious leak. Terrible, I know. But they got there fast. I fessed up as soon as they arrived. They were great - died laughing and got the spider!

  • Heather Livingston Williams

    Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images. Videos of Really Very Cute animals.

  • Roberta Lafond

    Need to remember this for spiders

  • Ashley Brown

    Women Logic. Lol so would do this if I come across a spider

  • Lila Harvey

    .#funny commercial #commercial ads #funny ads #funny commercial ads #interesting ads|

  • Jordan Grace

    My future husband will find this at some point in his life. And it will be a spider. And he will have to kill it for me.

  • Summer Danielle

    Hahahahaha! too funny ;) although I don't know that I would ever do this seeing as I am a pretty mean bug killer =}

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