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    Micro cars

    VW Pea

    Shelby Daytona cobra coupe. I just had to pin this.

    Hyundai IDEA Festival 2013 - E4U embraces 4 Es; Egg, Evolution, Electricity and Eco-friendliness It is designed to be driven at low speeds on narrow roads in urban areas

    Smallest ever car to go into mass production was the fascinating "Peel" P50 car (you could almost carry it as a suitcase)

    scooter with campervan sidecar

    Ford 1967 Commuta

    Still can't get over that the Fujicabin is from 1955

    Panhard Dyna Salon de la Route

    Phantom Corsair, 1938

    1955 Bisiluro - Carlo Mollino

    :: the Isetta , 1962 ::

    Messerschmitt KR200. Beyond awesome.

    Microcar Peel P50 - 1964 - 1

    1946 Hewson Rocket

    Awesome and Amazing #Cars #Rides #Bikes #Auto - - Site for Men & Manly Interests

    1963 Bambi Pickup Sporty

    1969 Holden Hurricane

    Arbet 1956 - The name of this three-speed vehicle combines the first names of Arliss Sluder and his wife Beth, from Montana. In 1993 the Guinness Book of Records called it the smallest street legal car in the world: 102 cm wide and 229 cm long.

    1951 Hoffman