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scooter with campervan sidecar

Microcar Jurisch Motoplan Prototype 1957 - 1

Shelby Daytona cobra coupe. I just had to pin this.

Micro cars

VW Pea

Smallest ever car to go into mass production was the fascinating "Peel" P50 car (you could almost carry it as a suitcase)

Ford 1967 Commuta

1963 Bambi Pickup Sporty

Subaru 360

1955 Jaguar D-Type

Nami Belka, 1955

Designed by Jean Pierre Ponthieu. in the 1970s. The Pussycar Automodule was created as a promotional vehicle. Described as ‘The Car of the Year 2000′, its rear wheel was powered by a 250cc single cylinder engine.

... ... ...LOL

1953 Bond Minicar Mk C. @Deidra Brocké Wallace


1957 Vespa 400 Minicar

a good pink

1955 Tucker Carioca