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Jorge Rajadell - Artista Argentino -

'Winter King' by Karen Davis

GBG Designs: szeptember 2010

The Moon

Mariana Pereyra


Lion and Cubs

Maternidad en la madriguera - Jorge Rajadell

Jorge Rajadell, "León" óleo 60 x 80 cm.

Cute little cheetah

tiger intensity.....``

Snow Leopard


Jorge Rajadell, "Tigre" óleo 60 x 80 cm.

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"The Lucky Black Cat", by Louis Wain

Kelly Vivanco

Amur Leopard - ENDANGERED! - Number 2 on the 2012 Ten Most Endangered Animals list, the Amur leopard lives only in the remote and snowy northern forests of eastern Russian’s Primorye region. Its former range included Korea and northern China, but the Amur leopard is now extinct in those countries. A 2007 census counted only 14-20 adult Amur leopards and 5-6 cubs. Man (of course) is solely responsible for the demise of this beautiful animal.

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