Africa | People. Portrait taken by John Kenny, in September 2011 in Northern Kenya.

Tibetan man in traditional clothing and jewelry.

Well, hello there, fella! Lol. Kiwan Landreth-Smith - by Laura Ferreira, Port-of-Spain. He's Trinidadian.

'More than a face' by Francisco Cribari

Gurunsi Girl in southern Burkina Faso.

African beauty

Masai Kenya

Rendille in the Kaisut Desert, Northern Kenya. By John Kenny

Eskimo Woman Posing

Maori Warrior

Bijagos Warrior dressed in traditional outfit, Guinea Bissau.


Worlds Oldest Dad - Fact (96) Ol' rascal

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.- Robin Williams (Masai Warrior Africa)

Masai by John Kenny

beautiful skin


Warrior At Mayan Temple

Masai warrior in Africa.....Photo by Mario Moreno

Africa | Elderly Shawiya (Chaouïa) woman. Eastern Algeria || Photographer unknown