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    Comparing avatar the last Airbender to legend of Korra

    Avatar the last Airbender uncle iroh

    Official adult Kataang! :)

    Everyone's a Journey fan<----Except my science teacher


    Dragon of the West says YOU SHALL NOT PASS.

    Joker Azula it's so perfect though cause to be honest if the joker was azula and could still fire bend holy batman we are gonna need help

    Haha! Avatar roku and fire lord sozin

    Sparky sparky boom man goes boom boom pow

    Come at me bro! aha, Avatar humor :P

    Two completely different personalities, same voice actor.

    What Really Happened #5

    Pocahontas humor

    Charlie Brown (Aang) & Lucy (Toph) Too funny



    "I am a 400 foot tall platypus bear with pink horns silver wings."