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    MVP - Most Valuable easy way to recognize partners and a free set of awards to use in your classroom

    Team Stop Signs - Print these stop signs out and use them to help kids refocus when their team becomes noisy or off-task. One minute of reflection time is frequently all it takes!

    Drum Roll, Please . . . Meet the Amazing Hat! Learn how to use this free computer app to randomly select names and pairs of names. Your students will love the drum roll sound effects and the way the names appear to be pulled from The Hat

    FREE Fire Safety Talk Show - Cooperative learning activity to review fire safety rules (upper elementary)

    Fall freebie for you! Teach your students how to write longer, more detailed sentences with these engaging strategies and this free set of task cards!

    Are you using math stations or math centers in your classroom? If not, Laura Candler's Math Stations ebook is your guide to getting started! If you're already using math centers, this book is a great resource for hands-on activities and math games. $

    Great freebie for acknowledging differences between kids. Could easily be adapted for older kids using a Venn diagram and following up with the writing activity.

    Drama Circles: Cooperative Learning FUN! Great guest post from Jen Runde with a Fairy Tales Drama Circles freebie to help your students loosen up and have fun together!

    Freebie for graphing and tracking oral reading fluency

    Awesome cooperative learning math strategy from The End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark! Students work in teams to solve a math problem on a balloon using as many strategies as possible!

    The Jigsaw Method, a powerful cooperative learning strategy that increases student engagement and social-emotional learning, is a strategy you might need to brush up on.

    Check for Understanding with Cooperative Learning Structures-Easy, low-prep ways to check for understanding while involving your class in movement and cooperative learning.

    Multiple Intelligence Theory for Kids: Step-by-step Lessons and Ready-to-Use Printables - How many ways are your students smart? This ebook includes cooperative learning activities, complete lesson plans, a student survey, printables, assessments, and answer keys for teaching a unit on multiple intelligence theory. Created by Laura Candler for grades 4 through 6. $

    Free discussion questions to go with the book The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, a great read during the week before 9/11.

    Weathering, Erosion, or Deposition? This post includes teaching tips and a free sorting activity to help students understand these earth science concepts dealing with landforms.

    Candler's Classroom Connections - This issue features freebies to go with The Man Who Walked Between the Towers (Sign up for this free newsletter in the sidebar of

    Alternatives to 'Think-Pair-Share'

    Free Team Project Evaluation Form and information about how to use it to evaluate cooperative learning products

    Dictation and Round Robin Proofreading! I'm not typically an advocate of "peer pressure", but sometimes knowing their friends will see their work is exactly what some children need to do their best work!

    Elapsed Time Game (Racing Through Elapsed Time) - Great for partner practice, cooperative learning team play, or math centers! $

    Buddy Bio Poems... a fun partner poetry activity from Laura Candler in which classmates interview each other and write bio poems about their partners! Great for back to school or any time of the year! $

    Back to School Super Start from Laura Candler is packed with printables and activities to get your year off to a great start! $

    FREEBIE Back to School Classroom Rules collaborative discussion activity

    Partner Decimal Writing freebie - Common Core Aligned with .Math.Content.5.NBT.A.3