Florals / J. Blakeney

From interior designer/artist Justina Blakeney flowers on a black ground. Very cool, very basic and very well done. Great lighting and colour quality.

Lovely anemones against a stone background. Floral. Colour...WHATEVER, it's just pretty.

Off the Wall: Secured with tiny t-pins from the crafts store, each hybrid tea rose, which is a cross-breed of tea and hybrid perpetualis varieties, cleverly covers the water tube of the next to make a bloomin' awesome—and fragrant—backdrop for your ceremony, cake, or photo booth. Best of all, you only need 75 roses (less than $100 worth) to fill an 8-by-8-foot surface.

Botanical photography



Red rose garden flowers beautiful

Dried roses. #flowers

Dreamy floral pool

Phone wallpaper



ZsaZsa Bellagio

"flower fields" from lucia and mapp's photostream on | http://beautiful-flowers-collections-712.lemoncoin.org

How does your garden grow?


~ bokeh flowers ~

Midnight Supreme Rose Bush...something for our yard

Flower Tree by ~Lady-Tori

Feeling blue.