Kim Hye-soo in a campaign for Fissler Korea. Photography by Kang Young-ho and make up by Jung Saem-Mool This would so work for the White Witch!

snow queen

Yan McLine

In Norse mythology the Dísir are spirits described as "dead women" in grand attire who visit dreams.

White goddess

The Winter Solstice, the return of the Sun, was truly a cause for celebration among our ancestors. Yule begins on Mother Night. At Yule, the Goddess shows her Life-in-Death aspect. In this season, she is the White Lady Queen of the cold darkness; yet this is her moment of giving birth to the child of promise who brings back light and warmth to her kingdom.

Snow Queen

Winter *❄️~*.Wishes & Dreams.*~❄️* Frozen Fairytales and Sweet Princesses

Goddess Archetype:Natural Healer. Goddesses who rule over self-expression & healing: the Irish queen Dana,the butterfly goddess Hina,Hindu goddess of prosperity Sri Laxmi,or the Welsh goddess Rhiannon.The natural healer is able to choose her words wisely to facilitate understanding.Her shared insights are precise,astute & relevant.When she speaks, she is heard.Just as easily, when others speak, she listens.she senses or hears (and heeds) Angels and other spiritual beings.

ALL Chic in White OUTFIT: White Blouse + White Skinny Jeans + White Heels/Flats (Leather?)

Snow queen...

Queen Jadus

white as snow

Living Statue (Sophie Dreijer)

Ghost Dancer Winter Woods Editorial.

Love the eyes.

Winter Queen by on @deviantART

White white and red

Dining plates Savone by Metaphys

Hare rider - Winter's Children — by Lavender & Lark