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Create markers by stapling a plant's seed packet to a chopstick and placing it inside the pot or bed. | Photo: Wendell T. Webber | thisoldhouse.com

This is so neat! You put in your zip code, and it tells you what plants you should be planting now. You can even look ahead a few months to plan out your garden!

Ten Vegetables You Can Grow in Shade

Anyone starting seeds at home? These all-natural containers work very well.

K-Cup Recycling: Toss the Grounds in your Garden and Turn the Cups into Seed Starters

5 Tips for Growing Gorgeous Hydrangeas... How to take care of hydrangeas to get more blooms, proper pruning techniques and how to transplant and grow more hydrangea plants.

Get your garden started early by planting your seeds in eggshells indoors before the weather permits outdoor growth. There are several reasons why eggshells are the perfect pot for this, but the biggest is that they are cheap (free really), full of calcium to give your seedlings that extra boost, and easy to plant in the garden when ready (the shell can stay on!).

7 tips for growing giant basil plants

How to Grow Lemon Trees Indoors From a Lemon Seed

Timing is everything! Great chart to plan your seed starting calendar and planting calendar.

Pinner wrote: ((Ivory soap is great for keeping deer and rabbits out of garden Cut up a bar of IVORY soap and sprinkle it around your plants or if you are concerned about adding anything to your soil, place larger chunks of the soap on saucers and place it around your garden. I only applied twice and it kept the rabbits away all summer.))

This is why I must drink wine - to get the corks! Love these garden markers.

Place a sponge in the bottom of a planter before adding soil, to keep water in reserve.

Garden Tip - bury a plastic pot and plant seeds around the pot. Use the pot for deep watering.

20 Insect Repelling Plants that you can place around your deck, yard, garden, and home.

Starting Vegetables Indoors from Seed • Tips & Instructions!

Container vegetable gardening...cucumbers, rosemary, swiss chard, kale, basil, eggplants, peppers...all in these pots!

Vegetable Gardens pots: Drop one or two seeds in each hole, then cover with a thin layer of potting soil. A faster option: Use your fingers to gently tease the roots apart before planting. This way the roots will be able to spread easily into the new soil. #vegetables #gardening #startingagarden

One of the best ways to protect your seed packets with all the info you need to remember is to slide it over a stake and cover with a glass jar - plus it's weatherproof!

Plant lemon seeds from your lemons! Lemon leaves smell so good. Awesome for kitchen, bathroom, or any place in the house.

Glowing Flower Pots. Paint flower pots with Rustoleum's "Glow in the Dark" paint. Absorbs sunlight by day & glows at night. Great landscape and gardening idea.