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Plant fall crocuses now: The saffron crocus will bloom in 6 to 8 weeks; the spice can be harvested for cooking by removing the bright red stigmas at the center. | Photo: J S Sira/GAP Photos

Did you ever think about growing your own saffron? Learn how here. (25 Saffron Crocus Bulbs-Rare Spice-Crocus Sativus)

Saffron crocus flowers.

'Waves of Joy' (Trimmer) 7-1/4" blooms

Grow Your Own Saffron - This is the time to invest in saffron bulbs for fall blooming -- and premier homegrown spice.

Garden Tip: Passionflowers are fast growers and will need support, such as trellis to climb on. Because they grow so fast, don't fertilize them much. In fact, too much plant food can encourage lots of leafy growth and few blooms.

Pruning Lavender / Rosemary ~ Don't cut plants like lavender to the ground, and don't touch them in fall or winter...

Campanula - easy to grow & self seeds. Plant care is on this post. I am planting this!

Hyacinth-best in smell -For early spring perfume in the garden, nothing beats hyacinths. Plant them in fall in well-drained soil to enjoy their powerful scent the following spring. Flower colors range from purple to pink, red, white, and yellow

This foundation planting can handle the tough, hot conditions created by lots of concrete. And on top of adding lots of color, the plants in this plan provide tons of interesting texture, from the disease-resistant shrub roses to the attention-grabbing grasses. Don’t want to take care of containers? Trellises and vines with large flowers or leaves will add height contrast, instead.

Columbine: Easy to grow and beautiful, columbine blooms in spring and early summer. Part shade. Up to 3-ft tall. Zones 3-9. #cottagegarden

Beautiful dahlias produce blooms in nearly every color of the rainbow! More of the best summer bulbs: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/flowers/bulbs/summer-bulbs/

"Pot Luck" Dahlia - one plant will produce dozens of blooms of varying colors

The Allium are in bloom Just got my first 2 plants

This Pink-white Passion Flower is a variety of passion flower that can be found at Kadalakurushi near Palakkad in Kerala, India.

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Cute while flowers cover the plants in spring. More easy groundcovers: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/flowers/perennials/easy-ground-covers/?esrc=nwgn/?socsrc=bhgpin082213bunchberry=11

How to Prune a Tomato Here are six good reasons to prune tomatoes: To grow more flavorful tomatoes. To grow larger tomatoes. To grow more tomatoes over the length of a season. To keep plant leaves and fruits off the ground and away from pests, insect damage, and fungal disease. To keep plants smaller and more compact. To allow tomatoes on the plant at the end of the seas.

grow my own vanilla plant?