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My Morgan :) our new labradoddle

Labradoddles are so awesome

I love our Fur Babies, and I bet you love yours too. They are a gift to us all. This is my 'Happy Doodle Dandy', our labradoddle

Bexley / Arborgate Australian Labradoddles

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Labradoodle. I need one. Its like a giant version of my two dogs.

If Priscilla ever gets a dog brother or sister it will be a labradoodle :)

How can you resist this face?! I'm getting a labradoodle!

Now, poodle mixes, I can work with. I love what the poodle blood does for their coat, it's usually so soft and just a little curly. This dog is so pretty/cute/lovable/sweet.

before I have kids, this is so going to be my christmas card.

labradoodle..., I think it's a need, not a want :-)

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