word I spy bottles

I Spy Bottle

Eye spy bottles

word families

I love I spy stuff!

I-Spy bottle - great for road trips!

Phonics I-Spy game

eye spy bags

An "eye spy" bottle and other activities to "go green" with the family

Sight Word Discovery Bottles - shake, it roll it & see what what words you "spy" with your little eyes!

She's all pink and heart-y! This activity is a little different. Inside the bottle are 21 words that fit into three categories: Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, and Presidents Day. The kids will shake up the bottle and when they find a word, they'll have to decide which category the word best fits into. The word "holiday" is also in there as a bonus word that would fit into all of the categories.

sight word practice - cute!

Neat spelling idea for parents - pick a word of the day and then everytime the child wants to say that word, they need to spell it instead of saying it.

Students roll the dice then read short word list with speed & accuracy - uses 150 High Frequency Words for fluency practice

Family word puppets

Word families

Word family eggs. Great idea

Biography Bottles...it's a water bottle!

Word families

really great word family printables