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Great way to practice letter writng AND pencil holding!! This helps students to learn who they are supposed to hold their pencil as when they are writing. It also helps students with the tracing of their letters. This helps early on with their writing ability.


Chalkboard Letter Erase

Practice your spelling words on the chalkboard with chalkboard letter erase. Playopediafrom Playopedia

Name Soup

Letter Soup!!! Great Idea for letter learning!

Crafts on Seafrom Crafts on Sea

Fine Motor Christmas Activity for Toddlers

fine motor skills christmas activity for toddlers

Happy Hooligansfrom Happy Hooligans

Salt Tray Writing Activity for Preschoolers

A simple salt tray makes learning letters and numbers so much fun! Preschoolers will love working on their pre-writing skills with this awesome activity!

Hands On As We Growfrom Hands On As We Grow

Promote Fine Motor Skills with 30 Materials & Activities

Treballem amb pinces i llegums.

Life Over Csfrom Life Over Cs

Complex Winter Patterns with Free Printable Pattern Cards

Winter patterns fine-motor skills activity for 1st grade. With a free printable guide.

building shapes with cotton swabs - a shape recognition, math/geometry and fine motor activity that's perfect for preschoolers

Family Science Night -- activities instructions and materials list as well as activities to try at home.

letter z activities for pre k pinterest | printed these letter tile cards from I added ...

Recently, I found a picture on Pinterest that suggested highlighting letters on paper then encouraging children to trace the highlighted letters. I love it! The dashes that are most commonly used are obtrusive and really don't encourage tracing, but highlighting works great. Use this for teaching preschoolers to draw shapes, their name, and even for cutting activities

Rainbow Writing. Give the child several colors to trace and retrace a word... Make it developmentally appropriate! Younger kids get shorter, fatter crayons, and maybe just a letter. Older children get their names, and those who have already mastered that can work on meaningful sight words.

Fiddle Sticks – Undoubtedly the BEST game ever!! I’m not exaggerating. Fiddle Sticks really is the best activity ever, especially for practicing skills such as sight word recognition and math facts