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Three of Tutankhamun’s Rings 1. The green nephrite signet shows the King and Min. 2. The three-dimensional bezel is formed from a lapis lazuli scarab flanked by an inlaid falcon and moon barque on a cartouche-shaped base. The inlays are green jasper and glass. 3. The scarab bezel of the gold ring is of chalcedony; the underside shows Thoth and the udjat.

A large diadem, a unique monument of ancient jewelry, dating, like most of the items found by Schliemann 19 Trojan treasures period of Troy IIg (2400-2200 BC), ie it refers to the era of the early Bronze Age.

coronation pectoral from the tomb of King Tutankhamun Elaborate gold coronation pectoral ornament from the tomb of King Tutankhamen, found inside one of the boxes in the treasury room. The central figure is the king himself with the khepresh crown and the crook and the flail in his hands. Ptah is facing the king and behind Ptah is Heh and above him a cobra together forming a cryptographic writing of Tutankhamun's throne name. Behind the king sits Sekhmet, goddess of war.