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Self Service Tube Testers

Self Service Tube Testers I remember going with Daddy to test a TV tube!

tube tester

In many TV malfunctions were due to malfunctioning vacuum tubes. Almost every drugstore, hardware store, and even grocery store had a self-service tube testing machine so you could diagnose and replace your own tubes.

1950's galvanized milk bottle box, outside the front door - milk delivered a few times per week....

galvanized milk bottle box, outside the front door - milk delivered a few times per week. We had milk delivered in the when we lived on the hill above Hackney Ohio

Aluminum tumblers.  My grandma and all my great-aunts had these when I was growing up... such fond memories

aluminum drink tumblers - omgosh -- these were my dad's FAVORITE glasses for drinking cold milk :) I still have a small set of them that belonged to my dad. And yes, I use them for cold milk.

1965 the first Trim Line phone came out.  Princess phones. Just like my first phone in my room.

A 220 Trimline rotary desk phone, showing the innovative rotary dial with moving fingerstop

If you are under 55, you simply won’t understand…

Lots of Memories

Glass fuses~ used before current circuit breakers. I can still see the yellow box of glass fuses on the shelf in my mind. Funny the littlest memories are meaningful when you get older.

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

Character Bios > Dwayne Hickman as Dobie Gillis (The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis)

Soupy Sales Show - I only got to see this when I was at my grandma's.  We didn't get the channel it was on.  I loved him.

Farewell to the Pieman: Soupy Sales, 1926-2009

Soupy Sales, born Milton Supman, passed without pie on his face. Along with White Fang and Black Tooth, he created mayhem on TV for over 25 years.

Pretty sure gpa and Gma S had one of these

An Electrolux vacuum sweeper, usually sold by door-to-door salesmen. This vacuum would never die.