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Platone, architectural wall lamp by Prandina srl+

Wall lamp 'One' designed by Matthias, Simon and Jurgen Frech for their company FSING. Made of a 4mm thick alumnium composite hiding all electric systems. Nice.

Lighting design with the Visa wall lamps by Deltalight _


Decorative wall lighting, uplights, modern simple scones, indirect lighting


Indirect wall lighting

25° Wall In Lamps | TossB

La Dodo Alvaline wall lamp by Viabizzuno _

I love this. So simple. I think I will try to DIY this. Radient Sconce by Rich Brilliant Willing

Wall #lamp POLIA by AXO LIGHT | #design Manuel Vivian #light

Like the indirect lighting everywhere...

Yupi wall-mounted lamp by Delta Light for indirect lighting _

not gonna lie. i kinda want this. it's a lamp that is shaped so that it looks like your wall is peeling in the corner and there is light behind it. epic. :P

Orienta Là, lamp by Enrica Mosciaro y Gonzalo Milà for Viabizzuno

Portaikkoon DELTA LIGHT GALA wall lamp Wandleuchte http://www.deltalight.com/#/products/product/8080/

Outwater has created a special series of high-density polyurethane cornice mouldings in its Orac Decor® and Orac Myline Collections that have been specifically intended for use with indirect lighting. Manufactured to easily accept a variety of cove moulding light fixtures without causing scalloped or uneven light dispersion and illumination, the Orac’s Cornice Mouldings for Indirect Lighting can also be used just as readily as a traditional cornice moulding without lighting if desired.

Cord Lamp

diamond facet lamps in pastel / scandinavian colors

Display with indirect lighting, the Elle store by Emanuele Svetti .