The reflection in the water is interesting. Even though this picture is not black and white, the dark colors are nice in the photo essay

rainy days

Give me the love story of my dreams, kiss me in the rain and never let me go... <3

Catching rain.

Sometimes when live's just giving you a lot of rain, you need to find a pretty red bench, watch it for a while, and remember that just because it gets you wet, it doesn't mean it's not beautiful.

Love dancing in the rain. :)

hanging upside down light bulbs... not sure how this works, but it looks cool

rainy day lovin'. LOVE this!

Beach wedding photo idea -- I would love this but with a bit of the dress peaking down too -repinned from LA County wedding officiant

love on a rainy day

look de viaje en tren train travel look moda fashion miraquechulo

photo by Kaan Kiran

las personas sabemos que queremos, solo debemos encontrar quien pueda y quiera dar, justamente ESO!

Take a picture during each season of your first married year and frame them in four of the same frames for a nice display. #couple #photo #ideas

Rain {GIF}

Shoe Shadows

so worth it

popcorn rain cloud

I would love a picture like this<3