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Local farmers' markets are so great! This infographic explains 'why buy local?'

Asparagus growing guide. Great how to. {Now to find a place where it's always sunny....}

Detox Green Smoothie: 1 cup baby spinach, 1 cup kale, 1 pear, 1 ½ cup of orange juice, and 1 frozen banana.

Supporting local farmers... & of course the continuation of their quality cared for & tasting products:)

Alabama Lane Cake. A Southern favorite. It's a lot like a blonde German chocolate cake. With a bit of bourbon. You've gotta try it! #lanecake

Try to serve your food as beautiful as you can! Watch you plate before you eat and if you think that your food look colorful and beautiful, then eat it! It's automaticly fresh food and healthy :)

Growing Tropical fruits in Alabama | Alabama Gardener Web Articles

1890-1900. I used to collect antique bottles. Would have salivated for one of these!

Smart Health Talk Top Pick: Easy ways to get lutein for eye health! This is a super antioxidant that you want working for you. Easy to do since the foods you need are also delicious and available at your local farmers market for a super discount price since you don't have to pay brokers, distributor, and retail market. Buy organic and meet the farmer face to face. will tell you where to go.