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Never thought of this but is true! I want to look back at all my pictures and see my smile at my Man.

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Affirming Your Child's Worth

I am loved

Hate to say it but this is so true, "A women has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life to be thankful for a good one".

"Don't marry..." I wish I had been told this one early on because it's so true. I want my son to be exactly like the man I'm married to. #poster #saying #sign #quote #marry #marriage #man #husband #date #dating #boyfriend #son

THIS IS THE GUY YOU MARRY!!! If he can't do these things, he isn't your future husband. .. WAIT ON THE LORD and He WILL send you the guy who checks off everything on this list:)

My husband is a real man! :) He's had me for 5 years and we still act like newlyweds.