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Miles Morgan

Electric Blue Dance of Lava with Water in Hawaii Camera Canon EOS Mark II Focal Length Shutter Speed 1 sec Aperture ISO/Film 100 Category : Milky way scientists ~ Landscapes Taken January 2011 Copyright : Miles Morgan


Lightning brances out from behind a veil of ash clouds at Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano in April 2010 Photograph by David Jon, Nordic Photoes/Getty Images


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Volcano oozes lava into the ocean. Lava from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park pours into the Pacific Ocean. The lava is entering the Pacific from several points along the Wilipe'a delta.

Lava Swoosh by Bruce Omori on 500px, Hawaii

A narrowing river of lava flows through the fractured surface of the delta feeding the ocean entry and creating new land. Photo By

Li Bai "Green Mountain"

The magic of Natures Beauty . Palouse morning from Steptoe Butte - by JM Clark

Da troof

Film vs Book comparison using iceberg. And this is why I have usually read the book you are talking about but rarely have seen or even heard there was a movie based on it.

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Trapped steam beneath a river of lava accumulates a tremendous amount of pressure until it escapes in an instantaneous explosion of a lava, causing a rare lava bubble. Photography by Bruce Omori

Lava. Via Vivet Desabah

Lava flowing into the ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii. I have witnessed this (not quite this close) while visiting the big island.

River of lava boils down the mountainside into the seas of Hawaii

River of lava boils down the mountainside into the seas of Hawaii

|| Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökul, by Snaevarr Gudmundsson, through Universe Today.

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Close-Up, Iceland, April 2010 – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

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Lava is awesome! We live about an hour's drive from the park. For sheer natural drama, this is it! Lava flowing from Kilauea Volcano in the Volcanoes National Park - Big Island - Hawaii - USA

atmospheric-phenomena: “Red smoke at Puyehue volcano eruption, Argentina 2011 ”