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    #selfawareness #friendships #friends

    You never know how long you'll have them.

    I do! I need to do this more!!

    I just hope this is true....

    sometimes you've got to work for it.


    serendipity : finding something good without looking for it. The first time we spoke on the dock, my son was in the Hospital & I thought he was asking about him but he was asking about me & we parted our ways & next came the email asking me to go for a walk at LFP

    Peace / Love / hippie / Happiness / Dream Catcher / Art / Free / Flower / Hope / Moon / Universe / Light / Tattoo / Sky / Yoga / Meditation / Colors / Green / Day and Night / Free Spirit / Feathers / Eclipse

    Taurus. I don't think I'm extremely lovable, or really stubborn or tough... But everything else goes :)

    A word of warning to my friends and family during marching season. I would warn the kids, but I think they already figured it out.

    So true. This is what matters, everything else I used to think mattered sure doesn't.

    22 Quotes About True Wisdom 22 Quotes About True Wisdom

    Focus on the good

    Taurus are not high maintenance, they are just particular and picky.

    Love this one. Grateful for you too Tara.

    You can only do your best. And if they can't appreciate that, it's their problem, not yours.

    Goodnight lovelies. Leave me some nice comments to wake up to?

    I'm still learning to listen better and deeper. Trying not to interrupt when I get excited. Learning (or further honing) a crucially important talent.