LOVE the round nook, with interior windows!! Kitchen - living room - nook

Awesome outdoor kitchen and living room!

Round Kitchen

Turn your attic into a year round campsite... Azalea Trace House?

built-in dresser with back that serves as the headboard for the bed. love this open space feel.

Awesome Wine Cellar

It's an island. It's a breakfast nook.

Hallway Library

If I had a tower in my dream home, I would but my bed it it. And the the other level would be either a book nook or a sitting/dinning nook- Alicia

Absolutely loving these colors and all of this gorgeous texture!

Living room of my dreams

I'll take it! Breakfast nook downstairs and master bedroom porch upstairs. - MyHomeLookBook

Gorgeous mansions... Not lying I have seen this house in my dreams lol

This room is a little much, but I do like the rounded chairs for a more formal dining area

Library hallway



Dog nook underneath the stairs- complete with a dog gate. great use of dead space

Basement entrance.. gorgeous. Love the lighting and brick wall!!

Beautiful rustic living room