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Zoya bling patch - tres cool

Zoya song, et test de nail patch Bling

Cela fera tout son effet en ces périodes de fêtes

Zoya & manucure au scotch

Bundle Monster collection 2012 I just adore the paisley middle finger. I've always loved paisley but I seem to be more and more attracted to it lately.

Zoya Fall 2012: Natty layered with FeiFei (except on accent nail). Love the resulting colour!

Zoya Feifei & Natty // Bundle Monster stamping

Zoya Feifei and Natty

Zoya Feifei & Natty // Bundle Monster stamping

Vernis à ongles

Zoya & manucure au scotch

Zoya Kotori on the little finger / middle finger / thumb. Zoya Julieanne on the ring and Zoya Mimi on the index.

Zoya Valerie Credit photo http://pshiiit.com

Zoya – Valerie // J’en étais sûre!

Zoya, one of the renowned international brands for nail polish is known for its long wearing hues. Here are the top Zoya nail polish swatches listed out for you.


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Zoya & manucure au scotch

Kotori pinky/middle/thumb Julieanne ring finger Mimi index finger Valerie for the triangle in middle of all nails and a random color for tips.