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One Good Thing by Jilleefrom One Good Thing by Jillee

Save Time, Money, and Energy! Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls

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felted wool dryer balls

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Magic Felted Wool Dryer Balls - use up to 20% less drying time = 20% less electricity, chemical and dye free, natural fabric softener, earth friendly, natural static remover and they are low maintenance, just leave them in your dryer. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to each Magic Felted Wool Dryer Ball for an amazing fresh smell in all your laundry. They are also a great gift idea!

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Felted wool dryer balls are an easy to make, non-toxic alternative to fabric softener and dryer sheets. Throw 4-6 of these in the dryer with your laundry and you will never go back to dryer sheets again. Pinner said~In today’s blog post I am going to show you how to make wool dryer balls.

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7 Toxic Reasons to Ditch Dryer Sheets - Simply Happy Healthy

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Cute cardigan from men's sweater

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diy crepe ruffle sweater. easy and looks great.

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Cute upcycle sweater to beanie.

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❛Transformation sweater bag❜

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easy to fit clothing (also love the skirt on this page)

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Shows you how to take an old sweater and turn it into felted wool that doesn't unravel after cutting!

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Upcycled, Recycled, Cashmere and Wool Little Hearts Throw Blanket

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Upcycled Recycled Cashmere and Wool Little by Crispinaffrench

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DIY: wool poncho

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