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Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman (True Blood). Check out those gorgeous eyes!


You voted for your favorite True Blood hottie last week. Joe Manganiello won but y'all have a thing for Skarsgård, too!

Image result for Alex McLaughlin

Image result for Alex McLaughlin

Ben Affleck / we share the same b-day Aug 5

had no idea ben Affleck is the one who is on Pearl Harbor.Why is he not in every movie?

james mcavoy - had to pin because he's the only famous person I've seen out in public

James McAvoy, very yum and a very passionate actor. Every role he's been in (that I've seen - no more rated R movies, dude! Tumnus the fawn. Love this boy.

"woven ring" by gurgel-segrillo. Orlando Bloom, personal collection

I guess I have a thing for dark haired men. doesn't hurt if they have piercing eyes and are so incredibly handsome, like Orlando Bloom (although I liked him with long silvery hair, as Legolas).

Alexander Skarsgard (@worldofskarsgard) on Instagram: “O.M.G. #alexanderskarsgard #neckporn by ©CBLA

Alexander Skarsgard, This is one of my top 5 of him❤! He is knock down gorgeous in this photograph!


"So Handsome. He goes to my gym and I noticed that he walks the same way he does in True Blood hahah Not trying to be a creeper, but c'mon, it's hard to look away when he's crossing the floor." Who the fuck gets to go the gym with him?

Top 10 Hottest MLB Players | The Odyssey, KK is #1

Top 10 Hottest MLB Players

Ok so here we have a list of the "Top 10 Hottest MLB Players" but what's really important is how freaking amazing KK is and how much he loves the game. I love watching him play, and his looks make it that much easier.

short stubble beard for simple look #beard @beardorgin

9 Reasons To Love The Short Stubble Beard

#LawOfAttraction Attract 'The True Love' -The Best Kept Secret. Or is it really secret ?  What is fashion after all? Fashion s purpose is to trick the brain in making you feel the best and attracting the best in others.... !

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