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    How To Easily Make Your Own Beautiful Ruby Glitter Slippers; ever wanted to own Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers? Well now you can make your own ruby slippers employing these simple step by step instructions.

    College is an interesting and excited time for most people -- here are 10+ products that make college living a little easier! #ClarksCondensed

    The {10 Minute} Letter-writing Retreat - Want to send out more #snailmail this year? This 100+ page guide is packed with prompts, inspiration, tutorials, and printable stationery. You're going to love this! :) by littlegirldesigns...

    How To Change Your Beauty Routine with Essential Oils; Looking to change your beauty routine by adding essential oils? Here are some essential oil beauty tips and recipes to make the transition easier.

    Do you spend money? Of course you do! But are you earning cashback? Anyone who spends money should be. Here are 8 easy ways to earn cashback on purchase you make every day. #ClarksCondensed

    How To Shop The Right Way With Coupon Codes www.retiredby40bl...

    Once you start making homemade Greek yogurt, you will be kicking yourself for not trying it sooner. Making your own yogurt is easy to do & saves money!

    I started selling on Etsy two years ago. It brings me a steady side income each month. Check out my tips for selling on Etsy!

    Must-have cookbooks for a paleo (or any!) kitchen

    Use this BOOED! Neighborhood Sign for a fun pre-Halloween activity! Your kids will have a blast giving a treat to your neighbors!

    Are your expenses too high? Ours were so we're chopping them! Want to lower yours too? Take a look at these 5 Painless Ways we're Chopping Our Expenses to get started slashing today!

    How to Set Up Your Blog for Success - Do you want to grow your blog but don't have the money to spend on expensive online classes? This resource will help! Learn how to set up your blog, get that newsletter going, network with other bloggers, and a lot more @ littlegirldesigns...

    Hosting a Backyard Fire Pit Party. Want to create lasting memories with family and friends? Check out these firepit party ideas as well as firepit party food that keeps your guest from doing a balancing act with paper plates.

    5 Must ask questions to help you declutter once and for all! Declutterathon: 26 weeks to an organized life.

    Real food doesn't have to be expensive! Watch how a family of four spends their grocery budget on real food for the month of Juy 2015. Great budget tips and money saving ideas in here too! :: DontWastetheCrumb...

    It's that time of year again! Time to prepare your budgets for Christmas, but what exactly does that mean? How to budget for Christmas when you don't even know where to begin? This is a simple guide to preparing your budget Christmas so you can avoid going over this year!

    Store bought elderberry syrup is seriously expensive. Learn how to make your own at home for a fraction of the cost.

    Do you have kids who play sports!? Check out this Essential Oil Guide for Minor Sports Discomfort. It gives a list of oils to use with a FREE PRINTABLE. (sports injury)

    Here are 10 Free Knit Boot Cuff Patterns for Women, including cable knit boot cuffs, easy knit boot cuff patterns, and many more free knit boot cuff patterns. Add these DIY boot cuffs with boots and jeans to easily update your fall wardrobe.

    If you're struggling to make God a priority in your life and in your finances, this post from Brittany of Equipping Godly Women will help you determine how and where to get started making God a priority in your financial life!

    How I made a yoda costume from scratch. Takes a bit of imagination and creativity, but doable -- and OH so cute on your favorite preschooler/toddler. This yoda costume can be adjusted for any size! #pullingcurls

    Boy's Dresser Update - Up to Date Interiors

    How to Cook a Top Sirloin Beef Roast |contributor post by cravingsofalunati... | Easy to make yet impressive to serve for dinner. This recipe is easily adaptable to cook to your own taste. Enjoy!

    How to Make Money Blogging...advice from a blogger. #LiveLikeYouAreRich