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Letter from James Webb, Director of Bureau of the Budget, to White House Secretary Latta; April 29, 1947_Renaming Hoover Dam_Herbert Hoover Online Digital Library

Press Release Regarding the Start of Construction on the Boulder Canyon Project, July 7, 1930From the series:  President’s Subject Files, 1929 - 1935. Herbert Hoover Papers, 1913 - 1964Initial site work for the Hoover Dam (originally known as the Boulder Canyon Project) began on July 7, 1930, as announced in this press release from the Department of the Interior.More background on the Hoover Dam at the Hoover Presidential Library and Museum

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Hoover Dam

Map of Colorado River Basin; 1961_Herbert Hoover Online Digital Library

If your library were attacked by zombies and you could only save one record, what would it be? "If fast zombies threatened, I’d grab oversize album 19, the photographic record of the Hoover Dam. While its 18-pound heft would slow my escape, it might prove useful as a bludgeon or shield." Matthew Schaefer, outreach archivist at the Hoover Library.

Map of All-American Canal: Imperial Valley CA_Coachella Valley, CA_Gila Project, AZ_Palo Verde Valley, CA_Colorado River Indian Reservation_AZ_Hoover Dam_Herbert Hoover Presidential Library_The National Archives

Panoramic perspective of areas adjacent to Hoover Dam_From Lake Mead_Power to LA_Power to AZ_Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Online_The National Archives

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Washington, D.C.

Letter from Secretary Lyman Wilbur to John D. Reavis; October 3, 1930_Naming Hoover Dam_Page 2 of 2_Herbert Hoover Online Digital Library

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City of San Francisco

An entertaining editorial from the San Francisco Chronicle; January 29, 1939_Naming of Hoover Dam_Herbert Hoover Online Digital Library

Los Angeles Times cartoon “The Gateway of Empire;” September 30, 1935_Herbert Hoover Library_The National Archives