i'm pretty awesome!

:) HAHA!

pretty much

Why older women shouldn't sunbathe in the nude... Hahaha. SO True!! LOL #Tan #Tanline #Breasts #Boobs #Beach #Humor #Cartoon

this pretty much sums me up

Funny stuff

Pretty solid advice. Haha!!

"Stressful Day"


yeah pretty much

Sometimes, I wish I was a bird… :-D


You made me laugh so hard...tears ran down my leg This is SO me & my friends: Libby, Dana, Delissa, cousin Debbie, Stacey, Mandi & more!

all the flippin time....

Betty White haha

Pretty simple.


True Story! @Alishia Streiff Graham made me think of you and how just about all your stories start this way! LOL

:how i met your mother: