Well look at that!!

A Theory About Pixar's Up- Woah! Then the evil guy must have represented the devil trying to test Carl too ..this is impressive and makes sense

Mind Is Blown! Crazy!!!

I NEVER noticed this

Pixar Theory

Walt Disney Pictures presents…

One Direction+Emperor's New Groove meme? I think I've died and gone to heaven...!!


Grumpy Cat-Disney mashup Hahha ok it's bit funny

ha ha!! i love finding nemo!!

Princess Diaries =) my favorite movie ever.

Mind. Blown.

22 Pixar Movie Easter Eggs You May Have Seriously NeverNoticed

Ariel and stitch <3

I love this movie!

mind blown


Mind blown

I hope this is true... Grayson would LOVE this!

How do people find these things?!? Disney..