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    Well look at that!!

    The true story behind Andy's mom. Mind Blown!!! -On Movie Pilot by Jon Negroni #sobbing ~~~~Another Easter Egg ... Courtesy of Pixar~~~~

    Mind blown

    Oh my GOSH!!!!! I wonder!?!?!?

    22 Hidden Secrets In Disney Movies You've Never Seen Before. You need a good eye to spot all these.

    Disney forgets nothing!

    Pixar Theory

    The list contains photos and information about princesses around the world who were born or lived in the 20th century. Vote and comment your favorite Princess.

    Disney forgets nothing!

    I may spontaneously burst into Disney Songs at any moment shirt – Shirtoopia. Why does it have to be white.?

    I NEVER noticed this

    Gets me every time!

    If they weren't: 1. They would not be visible and therefor make no sense. 2. How do you think letters and paintings survived in shipwrecks for those to discover them!? Pretty much intact some of the time!


    (Credit: Pixar) OMG MInd Blown.... Jessie's owner Emily... could she be Andy's Mum?????? So cool well done Pixar Disney

    YESSS!! That is the truth! But at the same time Raven Symone(That's So Raven), Hilary Duff(Lizze McGuire), Ricky Ullman (Phil Of The Future)..are the original Disney!!❤ But I also love Selena Gomez(Wizards Of Waverly Place), Jonas Bros (JONAS/Camp Rock)Demi Lovato(Sonny With A Chance/Camp Rock) & Miley Cyrus.(Hannah Montana)

    Mind Is Blown! Crazy!!!

    mind blown!!!!!!!!!

    Funny how we never caught stuff in movies like this when we were kids...

    Disney Princess

    Oh Pixar you are good...