Well look at that!!

The true story behind Andy's mom. Mind Blown!!! -On Movie Pilot by Jon Negroni #sobbing ~~~~Another Easter Egg ... Courtesy of Pixar~~~~

Oh my GOSH!!!!! I wonder!?!?!?

Disney forgets nothing!

27 Easter Eggs You May Have Never Noticed

Finding Nemo facts.

A Theory About Pixar's Up- Woah! Then the evil guy must have represented the devil trying to test Carl too ..this is impressive and makes sense

Walt Disney Pictures presents…

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I NEVER noticed this

Pixar Theory

Disney voice actor - this is just awesome! I have a strong desire to go home and watch Disney movies!

Hidden gems in Disney movies (OMG)

ha-ha. crap Disney+ grumpy cat =grumpy Disney grumpy Disney =awesomeness!!!


Fascinating -- so do you think the names match the character?

Proud to say I own 25 of these (either DVD or VHS)! Can't wait to own them all :)

"Don't worry about my ice business.. Worry about your hair!" "What? I just fell off a cliff, you should see your hair!"