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sry to EVERYONE that gets a millllllion emails from Pinterest saying that i repinned allllllll their stuff... like everyday LOL... i cant help it :/

This will NEVER be me, especially if I am playing with my husband! I can never beat him in this game; let's just say I hate playing with him and I only play if he's not!


I love this, but most particularly I just got most of my collection over to DVD and I can't afford a third full set of videos, and especially not the special player for the new technology. I'll be like those people who refused to move on after laser disc.

Nah, I'm not that good at hiding feelings. If I don't like you, there pretty much will never be a problem knowing. Women on the other hand have a tendency to hide it better, just because they are not as confrontational, unless they are talented in the art of fucking you up, physically.