How to save a copy of your Pinterest board as a PDF.

How to Save a Copy of your Pinterest Boards as a PDF ... (It's much easier than you might think ...)

How to turn your Pinterest boards into a PDF or JPEG using

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how to print your boards as a pdf!

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I could probably build this and save me $144! Great idea and just what I'm looking for!

How To Organize Pinterest Boards

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Magic Binding - this technique had disappeared from the Web for a while. So glad it's back, but I printed out a copy for my files, just in case!

Little known Pinterest fact


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keyboarding emojis-Looking for the full list of Facebook emoticons for comments? Here they are, with the keyboard shortcuts, in a pinnable image. UPDATED 3-30-2013: Now includes text version so you can copy and paste to make Facebook emoticons! Enjoy sharing t

Best instructions for how to fold the fitted sheets. It works I've been doing it for years!

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How to rearrange Your Pinterest Boards OMG! It works! I've been wanting to rearrange my boards for awhile, just tried what this site said to do, and it worked! :D